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HART communicator for Android. Allows basic communication and configuration of field devices through the HART protocol and USB, which needs OTG functionality. The most used universal and common practice commands are supported, which includes poll adress setting, message and tag configuring, range tuning and periodical data registering.

In the free (lite) version, most commands, which involve writing info back to the field device are limited. (But reading works pretty much the same.)

AndroHART on Google Play

AndroHARTLite (free) on Google Play

Or if you prefer not to use Google Play:

AndroHARTLite .apk file (1.3.0)

Documentation is available in English and Hungarian (pro and lite versions share the same document):

AndroHART Documentation EN (slightly outdated)

AndroHART Documentation HU

Android HART slaves

These programs are capable of acting as a field device, and can communicate through switchable and configurable burst / multidrop (request-answer) mode with command 01, 02 or 03. Values and meta information can be set and saved to multiple config files. Communication is limited to USB serial communication, no wireless option is available.

These applications can be useful when testing components in a measurement system or when verifying that the communication is set up properly.

AndroHART Burst Slave on Google Play

AndroHART Multidrop Slave on Google Play

🤔🤔🤔"After review, AndroHART HART Multidrop Slave, com.kovlev.androhartmultidropslave, has been suspended and removed from Google Play due to a policy violation."🤔🤔🤔

Documentation is available in English and Hungarian:

AndroHART Burst Slave Documentation EN

AndroHART Burst Slave Documentation HU

AndroHART Multidrop Slave Documentation EN

AndroHART Multidrop Slave Documentation HU

Android app to calucate water and steam properties with. Uses the IAPWS-IF97 formulation. Requires Android version 2.3 or later (Gingerbread, API level 9)

Get it on Google Play

Free and open source software licensed under the MIT license

Download .apk file (version 1.0.6)

View source code

This extension for LibreOffice and OpenOffice enables the user to make a normal save and to additionally create a timestamped backup copy of the document with just one click.

Installation guide

Get it from the official extension site

License: GPL v3

Download extension (.oxt) file (version 1.1.8)

Download extension (.oxt) file (version 1.2.0)

Download extension (.oxt) file (version 1.2.2)

View source code